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Sainted Nicephoros, Patriarch of Constantinople (Transfer of Relics, 846).

PriestMartyr Puplios, Bishop of Athens (early II Century). Martyrs Sabinos (+ 287); Africanus, Publius and Terence (III); Alexander (+ c. 305-311); Christina of Persia (IV). Monk Aninos the Presbyter.

Moldova Icon of the Mother of God.

Sainted Nicephoros was a dignitary at the court of the empress Irene (797-802), and then accepting monasticism, he became known for his piety. In the year 806 he was elevated to the patriarchal throne. The saint was a zealous defender of Icon-Veneration. When the Iconoclast emperor Leo the Armenian (813-820) came to rule, the saint in 815 was exiled to the Island of Prokonnis, where he died in the year 828.

In the year 846 the holy relics of Patriarch Nicephoros were opened, undecayed and fragrant. They transferred them from Prokonnis to Constantinople and placed them for one day in the church of Saint Sophia, and then they transferred them to the church of the Holy Apostles. The hands of the saint are preserved in the Khilendaria monastery on Mount Athos.

The saint left behind three writings, directed against Iconoclasm. The memory of Saint Nicephoros is celebrated also on 2 June.

The Holy Martyr Sabinos suffered in Egypt in the year 287.

The Holy Martyrs Africanus, Publius and Terence suffered in the III Century at Petrium. Their memory is celebrated also on 10 April.

The Holy Martyr Alexander was a presbyter in the city of Pidna, not far from Soluneia (Thessalonika). The saint converted many pagans to Christianity by his preaching. During the time of the persecution against Christians under the emperor Maximian Galerius (305-311), Saint Alexander was subjected to fierce tortures, and then beheaded.

The Holy Martyress Christina of Persia was scourged to death for confessing her faith in Christ, during the IV Century.

The Monk Aninos the Presbyter – the account about him is located under 18 March.

The PriestMartyr Puplios, Bishop of Athens, living at the beginning of the II Century, was a successor of the PriestMartyr Dionysios the Areopagite (Comm. 3 October).

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