Orthodox River

After every storm

After every storm, if you don’t give up, you may see your whole struggle bearing fruit. Indeed! Yes, you get to see the fruit if you take the right stance, of course, if you stand humbly before God having trust and patience, without being scandalized.
Elder Symeon Kragiopoulos

Some think that the blessing of God, the grace of God is a high state. No, this is not so. The first and foremost thing you feel when grace visits you is that you’re sinful; actually, too sinful to be worthy of getting blessed by God. When you have a sense of your overall sinfulness, you humble yourself, have true repentance, true love and real trust in God. You wouldn’t dream of letting anything harmful for your soul push out of you. And this –the sense of sinfulness– is the safety of the fruit, the safety of the blessing that is given to you by God. If you remain stable in such a state, you’ll be constantly receiving the grace of God richly.