Orthodox River

Map of Destroyed Churches in Kosovo

The destruction of Churches in the former Yugoslavia (Kosovo) is a great crime. It is especially painful to understand the role of the United States in this tragedy. Read more here

Over 110 Churches have been destroyed in the name of ethnic cleansing. Here is a before and after picture of a monastery from the 14th century. This ins’t just about the destruction of historical sites, but it is also about the destroyed lives of the people in Serbia. I have met many Serbians who are refuges from this conflict. Their stories all tell of death, destruction and pain from this conflict.

Holy Trinity Monastery near Musutiste

Holy Trinity Monastery Built in the 14th century

Holy Trinity Monastery... Destroyed, looted and gone

Here is a map of the destroyed Orthodox Churches, Monasteries, and cemeteries.

This type of destruction continues today as well in other places. I can remember well the faces of clerics from Lebanon whom I meet on Mount Athos, in Greece, as they were looking for counsel and wisdom in how to respond to the current politics of their region.

Map of Destroyed Churches in Kosovo

Map of Destroyed Churches in Kosovo