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Pascha 2019 and Hawaiian Iveron Icon

Christ is Risen!

Here is a compilation video of the Hawaiian Iveron Icon from Pascha. The video shows the miraculous streaming of myrrh from the Paschal services. The amount of myrrh streaming from the holy Icon this year was even greater than last year’s paschal service.

This year, when the holy Hawaiian-Iveron Icon came to our parish around 10 pm on Holy Saturday before the start of the Paschal services, she was completely saturated with myrrh.

When I grasped the Icon, the blue outer cover which is fabric with a plastic lining, was completely saturated with myrrh. As a result myrrh gushed all over my hands, my arms, my chest and my vestments, so much so that I was completely soaked in holy myrrh and even through multiple layers of vestments.

This is utterly amazing to experience in person. Typically, when the Icon arrives at a Parish she is received by the Priest, who will walk her through the holy doors on the iconostasis and bless each side of the alter and then come back through the royal doors to place the holy Icon on an stand where she rests for the services. On this evening, when I went around the altar table, the holy Icon was streaming so much that a large amount of myrrh was left on the holy table. The Icon was simply gushing myrrh.

In the video you will see the opening of the cover of the Icon after the Paschal services. You will see the cotton that was left on the outside of the Icon and is completely saturated with myrrh. When I squeezed this cotton the myrrh easily filled a small jar with myrrh. You will see the fabric laying under the Icon during the service completely covered in myrrh.

May God bless all,

In Christ,

Priest Athanasius Kone