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Quotes on Belittlement

Concerning people who ridicule him –

A Prayer from Bishop Niphon. St. Niphon

Lord, have mercy on all who ridicule me or hate me. You know the evil one incites them to do this, just as he makes me continually embitter Your Divine Name. For this reason I beg you, Almighty God and Lord of mercy, to forgive and bless those who scorn me. Cause them to emerge as spiritual stars, great saints. Grant them goodness and gentleness. Give them peace, enlighten them and enable them to enjoy Your eternal glory, O Lover of mankind.

Quotes from Bishop Niphon:

“he who hates scorn and derision and insults of men does not live in the glory of God, nor will he inherit the kingdom of Heaven.”

Disgrace is as indispensable to the servants of God as the Gospel and chanting are to the Church.

Let us stand patiently where men humiliate and denigrate us, and we will be rewarded by God with incomparable glory. On the other hand, let us depart from any place where we find praise and glory.

Ilias the Presbyter

St. Cyril of Alexandria A haughty person is not aware of his faults, or a humble person his good qualities. And evil ignorance blinds the first, an ignorance pleasing to God blinds the second.

Reproof strengthens the soul, whereas praise debilitates it and makes it even more sluggish in its spiritual struggle.

The higher a man ascends in humility, the lower he appears in his own eyes; but if he lacks humility, the higher he appears. The humble man does not wish to be compared even to the most lowly, and is grieved when he is given first place at table.

Patience is the house of the soul, for in it the soul is safeguarded. Humility is the souls wealth, for the soul is nourished through it.

Abba Zosimas

No one tells us the truth, except those who belittle us.

I call my visible enemies benefactors through there insults, they are chastises of my soul that craves for glory.