Orthodox River

Saint Macarius Homilies

Saint Macarius Homily 2 | Concerning the kingdom of darkness, that is, of sin, and that God alone is able to take away sin from us, and to deliver us out of the bondage of the evil prince.

Saint Macarius Homily 3 | That the brethren ought to live in sincerity, simplicity, love, and peace with each other, and to carry on contest and war in their inward thoughts.

Saint Macarius Homily 4 | Christians ought to accomplish their race in this world with heed and care, that they may gain heavenly praises from God and angels.

Saint Macarius Homily 5 | A great difference between Christians and the men of this world. Those who have the spirit of the world are in heart and mind bound in earthly bonds, but the others long after the love of the heavenly Father, having Him only before their eyes with much desire.

Saint Macarius Homily 6 | Those who desire to please God, ought to offer their prayers in peace and quietness, in gentleness and wisdom, and not to give. scandal to others by the use of loud outcries.

Saint Macarius Homily 7 | Concerning the loving kindness of Christ towards men.

Saint Macarius Homily 8 | Concerning things which befall Christians at prayer, and concerning the measures of perfection—whether it is possible for Christians to reach the perfect measure.

Saint Macarius Homily 9 | That the promises and prophecies of God are accomplished through manifold trial and temptation, and that those who cleave to God alone are delivered from the temptation of the evil one.

Saint Macarius Homily 10 | By lowliness of mind and earnestness the gifts of the Divine grace are preserved, but by pride and sloth they are destroyed.

Saint Macarius Homily 11 | That the power of the Holy Ghost in man’s heart is like fire; and what things we need, in order to distinguish the thoughts that spring up in the heart ; and concerning the dead serpent fixed by Moses at the top. of the pole, which was a type of Christ. The Homily contains two dialogues, one between Christ and the evil one, Satan the other between sinners and the same.

Saint Macarius Homily 12 | Concerning the state of Adam before he transgressed God’s commandment, and after he had lost both his own image and the heavenly. The Homily contains some very profitable questions.

Saint Macarius Homily 13 | What fruit God expects from Christians.

Saint Macarius Homily 14 | Those who give their thoughts and their mind to God do so in the hope that the eyes of their heart may be enlightened, and God vouchsafes to them mysteries in the greatest sanctity and purity, and imparts to them of His grace.

Saint Macarius Homily 15 | This Homily teaches at large how the soul ought to behave f herself in holiness and chastity and purity towards her Spouse Christ Jesus, the Saviour of the World.

Saint Macarius Homily 16 | That spiritual persons are subject to temptations and to the adversities which spring from the first sin.

Saint Macarius Homily 17 | Concerning the spiritual unction of Christians, and their glory, and that without Christ it is impossible to be saved or to become a partaker of eternal life.

Saint Macarius Homily 18 | Concerning the Christians treasure, which is Christ and the Holy Ghost, who practises them in various ways to come to perfection

Saint Macarius Homily 19 | Christians who desire to make progress and to grow ought to force themselves to every good thing, so as to deliver themselves from indwelling sin, and to be filled with the Holy Ghost.

Saint Macarius Homily 20 | Only Christ, the true Physician of the inner man, can heal the soul, and array it in the garment of grace.

Saint Macarius Homily 21 | A Christian man has a twofold warfare set before him, an inward and an outward, the latter, in withdrawing from earthly distractions; the former, in the heart, against the suggestions of the spirits of wickedness.

Saint Macarius Homily 22 | Concerning the twofold state of those who depart out of this life.

Saint Macarius Homily 23 | As only those born of the seed royal can wear the costly royal pearl, so only the children of God are allowed to wear the pearl of heaven.

Saint Macarius Homily 24 | The state of Christians is like merchandise, and like leaven. As merchants amass earthly gains, so Christians gather together their thoughts that were scattered about the world. As leaven turns the whole lump into leaven, so the leaven of sin permeates the whole race of Adam, but Christ puts a heavenly leaven of goodness in faithful souls.

Saint Macarius Homily 25 | This Homily teaches that no man, without being strengthened by Christ, is capable of overcoming the stumbling-blocks of the evil one, and what those who desire the divine glory must do. It teaches also that through Adam’s disobedience we came down into bondage to carnal passions, from which we are delivered by the mystery that is in the cross. It instructs us besides that the power of tears and of the divine fire is great.

Saint Macarius Homily 26 | Concerning the worth and value, the power and efficiency of the immortal soul, and how it is tempted by Satan and obtains deliverance from the temptations. It contains also some questions full of very great instruction.

Saint Macarius Homily 27 | This Homily, like the foregoing, describes at length the dignity and status of a Christian man. Then it teaches many useful things concerning free will, intermixing some questions full of divine wisdom.