Orthodox River

Psalm 11

Unto the end, for the eighth (day); a Psalm of David.

Save me, O Lord, for there is no more a godly man; for truths fail from among the sons of men.
They have spoken vanity, every one with his neighbour; with deceitful lips, and with a double heart have they spoken evils.
The Lord destroy all deceitful lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things; Who have said, Our tongue will we magnify, our lips are our own; who is lord over us? For the misery of the poor, and the groaning of the needy, now will I arise, saith the Lord. I will set them in salvation, I shall be revealed therein.
The words of the Lord are pure words; as silver that is fired, tried in the earth, purified seven times.
Thou shalt keep us, O Lord, and preserve us from this generation, and for ever.
The ungodly walk on every side; according to Thy highness hast Thou esteemed the sons of men.