Orthodox River

Psalm 59

Unto the end: concerning the verses to be alternated. A pillar inscription for David, for instruction, when he had burned Mesopotamia of Syria and Syrian Zobal, and Joab had returned and smitten Edom, twelve thousand in the valley of salt.

O God, Thou hast cast us off, and hast destroyed us; Thou hast been angry, and hast had pity upon us.
Thou hast made the earth to tremble, and hast troubled it; heal the breaches thereof, for it hath been shaken.
Thou hast shewed Thy people hard things; Thou hast made us drink the wine of sorrow.
Thou hast given a sign to them that fear Thee, that they may flee from before the bow.
That Thy beloved may be delivered, save with Thy right hand, and hear me.
God hath spoken in His holiness, I will exult, and divide Shechem, and measure out the vale of tabernacles.
Gilead is Mine, and Manasseh is Mine; Ephraim also is the strength of My head; Judah is My king.
Moab is the caldron of My hope, over Edom will I stretch forth My shoe; the strangers are made subject unto Me.
Who will lead me into a fortified city? Or who will bring me into Edom? Will not Thou, O God, Who hast cast us off? And wilt not Thou, O God, go forth with our armies? Give us help from trouble, for vain is the salvation of man.
Through God we shall do mightily, and He shall bring those that afflict us to nought.