Orthodox River

The Homilies of Saint Macarius

Homily 2 - Concerning the kingdom of darkness, that is, of sin, and that God alone is able to take away sin from us, and to deliver us out of the bondage of the evil prince.

Homily 3 - That the brethren ought to live in sincerity, simplicity, love, and peace with each other, and to carry on contest and war in their inward thoughts.

Homily 4 - Christians ought to accomplish their race in this world with heed and care, that they may gain heavenly praises from God and angels

Homily 5 - A great difference between Christians and the men of this world. Those who have the spirit of the world are in heart and mind bound in earthly bonds, but the others long after the love of the heavenly Father, having Him only before their eyes with much desire.

Homily 6 - Those who desire to please God, ought to offer their prayers in peace and quietness, in gentleness and wisdom, and not to give. scandal to others by the use of loud outcries.

Homily 7 -