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The Glossary of the Philokalia

In Alphabetical Order

Abba Philimon
A Discourse on Abba Philimon

Ilias the Presbyter
A Gnomic Anthology

Philip Sherrard
Glossary of the Philokalia

Saint Anthony the Great
On the Character of Men and on the Virtuous Life

Saint Diadochos of Photiki
On Spiritual Knowledge and Discrimination

Saint Hesychios the Priest
On Watchfulness and Holiness

Saint Isaiah the Solitary
On Guarding the Intellect 27 Texts

Saint John Cassian
On the Holy Fathers of Sketis and on Discrimination | The Eight Vices

Saint John of Damaskos
On the Virtues and Vices

Saint John of Karpathos
Ascetic Discourse to the Monks in India | For the Encouragement of the Monks in India who had Written to Him One Hundred Texts

Saint Mark the Wrestler
Letter to Nicolas the solitary | On the Spiritual Law Two Hundred Texts | On Those who Think that They are Made Righteous by Works

Saint Maximos the Confessor
Four Hundred Texts on Love First Century | Four Hundred Texts on Love Fourth Century | Four Hundred Texts on Love Second Century | Four Hundred Texts on Love Third Century | On the Lord’s Prayer | Two Hundred Texts on Theology and the Incarnate Dispensation of the Son of God | Various Texts on Theology First Century | Various Texts on Theology Fifth Century | Various Texts on Theology Fourth Century | Various Texts on Theology Second Century | Various Texts on Theology Third Century

Saint Neilos
The Ascetic Discourse

Saint Peter Damaskos
A Treasury of Divine Knowledge | The Seven Commandments

Saint Thalassios the Libyan
First Century | Fourth Century | Second Century | Third Century

Saint Theodoros the Great Ascetic
A Century of Spiritual Texts | Theoretikon

Saint Theognostos
On the Practice of the Virtues, Contemplation and the Priesthood

St Philotheos of Sinai
Forty Texts on Watchfulness