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Prayers of Saint Nephon

Prayer of Saint Nephon

My Lord, Who showed Your Immaculate Mother to be more venerable than the heavenly powers, forgive my sins through her holy intercessions and drive far away from me every immorality, impurity, judgment, jealousy, wrath, injustice, negligence, vainglory, pride, avarice, cruelty, drunkenness, evil desire, and especially the insignificant and very bitter praise of men. Yes, my God, grant that men consider me worthless, that they may detest me. O Lover of man, let no one on earth praise or honor me. My Lord, let no one say that Nephon is a saint, that I may not be punished for it. O God of Heaven and earth, deliver me from praise of men. Liberate me from the bonds of the desire to please man.