Orthodox River

  • Modern Saints: Abbess Thaisia

    Abbess Thaisia was born in 1840 to a noble family in Novgorod. She was named Maria in honor of the Most Holy Theotokos who had granted Maria’s parents the safe arrival of their baby after two previous children reposed at birth. Little Maria was enrolled in the Pavolovsky Institute for young women in St. Petersburg

  • Quotes From Elder Symeon

    The problem isn’t simply that we are sinners, or that the sin exists inside us. The problem is we do not deal with the whole matter as we should. Why are you afraid of admitting that you’re a sinner, that you have sin inside?

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  • An Interview with Elder Sophrony

    St. Silouan… he was one of them. And if I take those to my right, or those to my left, it’s the same. In fact, this past Monday I encouraged my brethren to describe in a better way the path of battling against passionate thoughts.

  • Map of Destroyed Churches in Kosovo

    Over 110 Churches have been destroyed in the name of ethnic cleansing. Here is a before and after picture of a monastery from the 14th century. This ins’t just about the destruction of historical sites, but it is also about the destroyed lives of the people in Serbia.

  • A Man of God: Elder Symeon

    It is with some trepidation that I set pen to paper to record -what? What can one write about a personality whose holiness and spiritual wisdom stretched over many decades, who was shepherd to thousands of souls, saving them from destruction and bringing them into ‘a place of verdure'

  • God's providence and Pain

    When in pain, try not to rebel and try not to complain, not at all. Don’t let grumbling be your reaction. If the whole world harms you, not even then, should you say: “they did me wrong.” Nothing occurs against you, if God does not allow it. God allows it because you need pain.

  • Keep Silence Secretly in Your Heart

    Silence should be kept secretly and in your heart. Make sure that is not obvious to others that you maintain silence: St. Porphyrios, Modern Saints, Humility, Silence

  • Knowing Yourself

    The humble knowledge of our own self should be honored as more important that all sciences together.

  • Faith: a dispassionate understanding of God

    St. Diadochos: quotes: All these desires can never be satisfied. As Orthodox Christians, we must be vigilant to recognize and acknowledge our passions keep us from being in communion with Christ, they distort our understanding of the person of Christ.

  • A life to please yourself

    It is very rare to encounter a soul, which says, “my God, let things happen however you want them to happen”. It is even more uncommon, for a soul too not only to say this, but also to be willing to accept what God allows with pleasure, no matter the cost.